Threaded rendering

[ enesim ]

The enesim stack has been actively developed on the past months, we have lots of new features and new design concepts but this post is about threaded rendering. Recently a threaded rendering path has been committed into enesim given outstanding results, for examlple running the benchmark application with the circle.escen example we have:

Without threaded rendering

./benchmark -f ../../examples/circle01.escen -d -t 10000
../../examples/circle01.escen [15.375 sec]

And with threaded rendering

./benchmark -f ../../examples/circle01.escen -d -t 10000
../../examples/circle01.escen [4.948 sec]

This test was done on a quad core CPU and the gain is around 3x, of course the gain depends on the actual renderer to draw, the more complex the better.

Written on July 19, 2011