Recent enesim changes

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It’s been a long time since I write here, but the changes on the enesim stack deserve a new post. In the past months a lot of new features have been added and lots of bugs have been fixed. Just a small update of the changes given that I’m about to leave for vacations …

Enesim is now more OpenGL friendly, it is possible to render complete SVG files with GL, still not as good as the software based backend, but is evolving nicely.

Egueb and specially Esvg is now able to render animated SVG files, it is still missing input (to be able to interact with the SVG files) and scripting (Javascript) support. But those will come in a near future. As an example, I’m attaching an animated clock rendered (and animated) with Esvg. You’ll see some differences between the original file and our own version, mostly the lack of filters and some text glitches.

The past weeks I’ve been coding again the Eon toolkit and left Esvg for a while. I wanted to make it compile again with the new API changes and be able to start doing applications. So I took the Escen viewer again as an example and here is the result:

Written on August 20, 2012